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(approximately 5 minutes in length)

Disaster Hero

Create your own avatar and become a Disaster Hero! Unlock extra clothing items for your avatar by earning achievement badges in the game! This free online game is recommended for grades 1 through 8. Players can choose from three levels of difficulty:
1) Bronze level for early readers (grades 1 - 3)
2) Silver for average readers (grades 4 - 6)
3) Gold for advanced readers (grades 7 and 8)

Male and female avatar

Build a Kit

Your mission is to find items needed for an emergency kit. Can you pick the correct ones? Have fun and hurry - your family is counting on you!

Click here to play and then click ready to start.

Build a Kit

Tox Town

Are you a middle school student? Try exploring some different areas in Tox Town to learn about environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals . Some of these places are probably similar to the areas where you and your family live, work and play. Click on the map to start your trip!

Tox Town scene path